If you're interested in tumbling, Texas Star is the place for you! We offer classes for tumblers of all skill levels and a great coaching staff that love to see the kids progress as they move through our program.

Our tumbling classes are appropriate for girls and boys age 6+ and utilize the floor, trampoline and tumble track. (These are different from gymnastics classes, which utilize all the Olympic gymnastics events.)

  • Trial Class- $22

  • Tuition: $95 per 4 weeks (1 class per week) ($85/card on file)

  • Yearly Membership Fee- $45 (for 1st child), $40 (for 2nd child)

Membership Fees are charged every September or upon enrollment.

A re-registration fee of $20 is charged if you drop then return during the year.


During the school year, we offer nine 4-week sessions. (We do NOT follow the calendar months)

You can join at any time during any session. 

                           2021-2022 Session dates are:

 Sep: Aug 30-Sep 25

 Oct: Sep 27-Oct 23

 Nov: Oct 25-Nov 20

 Dec: Nov 22-Dec 18

Jan: Jan 3-Jan 29

 Feb: Jan 31-Feb 26

 Mar: Feb 28-Mar 26

Apr: Mar 28-Apr 23

  May: Apr 25-May 21

              Recurring billing takes place on the 25th of each month for the following 4 weeks.

                                          Call for pricing and details!!

Level 1 Tumbling:

This class is perfect for the beginner. We will work on skills such as the handstand, cartwheel, bridge and round-off.

Level 2 Tumbling:

This level requires some experience. Athletes will perfect the cartwheel and round-off while learning new skills like the standing back handspring and front handspring, as well as running-tumbling.

Level 3 Tumbling:

This class is for the experienced tumbler. Running round-off back handspring, front handspring, and back tuck are skills that will be worked on during this class.