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Frequently Asked Questions

Attire:  Students can wear anything that is comfortable and easy to move around in; shorts,t-shirt,tank top,leggings etc. are acceptable. Leotards are a favorite for the girls but are not required. No tights, socks, shoes or jewelry are worn in the gym.  Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or bun. We suggest that cell phones and other electronics be left at home or with a parent.  Our dance classes require specific apparel-please see the dance page of our website for details!

Drop Off: You may not drop your child off early and leave the building. Once your child is in the gym for their class you may leave if necessary. If you leave, please instruct your child to stay in the building until you arrive back at the gym. Your child should be picked up at the end of class. For any students left behind we charge a $1 per minute babysitting fee.


Enrollment: The easiest way to enroll is by creating an account via our website.  Click on the ‘Parent Portal’ button on our home page to get started. Once you create your account you can request to change or enroll in classes and camps, add your credit card to your profile, and make payments.

Hours:  For your convenience, our office is open Monday through Thursday from 10:00am-7:30pm and Friday from 4-7pm.

Classes and practices take place between the hours of 9:45am and 8:00pm. See our schedule for class days/times.


Make-Ups:  All make up classes must be scheduled with the front office within 2 weeks of your child’s absence.

You can make up in any class suitable for your child that has openings. Your child must be an active student in order to make up a class. You may NOT accumulate make up classes and credit them toward your tuition or free months.


Private Lessons: We offer private and semi-private lessons with any coach who has availability.  Pricing is as follows:  

                                     Private   $45/half hour   $70/hour

                                     2 People  $55/half hour   $85/hour

                                     3 People  $65/half hour   $95/hour


Membership Fees:  Your $50 membership fee is valid from August to July. The second child in a family pays $40 and each child thereafter pays $20. (Immediate family that lives in the same household)

If you register between March and May you will pay a $35 membership fee.

If you register for summer only, you will pay a $30 membership fee.

Everyone is charged a membership fee in August (at the start of our School-Year program) regardless of when the paid their last membership fee.  (For example, if you signed up in the summer and paid the $30 membership fee, you will pay the fall membership fee of $45 that will then get you through the following summer-unless you unenroll in which case you will pay the $20 re-registration fee as stated below) All membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  There will be a re-registration fee of $20 if you drop during the school year then re-register. The summer membership fee can be waived if, at the time of registration, you enroll for fall and pay your first months fall tuition along with your fall membership fee.


Safety: For the safety of our students, no parents are allowed into the gym area.  If your child needs you for any reason a staff member will bring your child to you.

If you wish to take photos during class, please remember there is NO FLASH allowed. This can disorient children while on the equipment.

There should be no unattended minors at any time. Please- if you are downstairs keep your child with you. Same if you are upstairs.


Siblings: Siblings cannot be left alone at the gym if the parent is leaving. Siblings are not to enter the gym area at any time; this area is reserved for those enrolled in classes.

Tuition/Payment Info: We DO NOT charge tuition based on calendar months. Tuition is based on 4 week blocks.

Session dates for 2022-2023 are:

                                Sept: Aug 28-Sep 23         Feb: Jan  28-Feb 24

                                Oct: Sep 24-Oct 21           Mar: Feb 25-Mar 23

                                Nov: Oct 22-Nov 18         Apr: Mar 24-Apr 20

                                Dec: Nov 19-Dec 16           May: Apr 21-May 18

                                Jan: Jan 1-Jan 27

Tuition is charged on the 25th of each month for the following 4 weeks.  A $10 late fee will be assessed on the 1st of the month to any account that has not been paid. The late fee for team members is $25.

Any student can be removed for their class for non- payment of tuition. A re-registration fee of $20 will be charged to return to class.

Discounted tuition price applies to families with a VALID card on file ONLY.

There will be a $35 fee for any declined drafts or returned checks. No exceptions.

There will be no prorated tuition except for the first month when you begin classes. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you have paid for a 4-week block of classes you are committed to those classes.


Withdrawal: You must give notice at least 5 days prior to the draft date (25th) if you wish to withdraw from classes.  Once tuition is paid there are no refunds.

If you do NOT have a card on file, you will not receive the auto-draft discount and a 30-day notice is required if you wish to withdraw.

How to:

Download Our App:   Search iClassPro wherever you get your apps.  It is the iClassPro App made by iClassPro Inc.


On the App:   On the app you can register for any programs we offer, update your account information, make payments, view attendance and evaluations (if applicable) and receive notifications.


Access the Parent Portal:  You can access the Parent Portal via the app or our website! Once on the website at, click the ‘Parent Portal’ button at the top of any page! From there you can login to find any information you need!


Add Camp Days to a Camp Week You’ve Already Attended:  Once you’ve been enrolled in a camp, you can add days by doing the following: Login to your account and click on the child’s name and the camp you want to add days to. Then click ‘modify enrollment’. You can then choose the days you’d like to add and make payment.


Find Out About Special Events:  Our website is updated a couple times per week in an effort to give the most accurate information possible.  The home page often shows upcoming events but you can also click on the banner buttons to find information!  There is a calendar on the home page that shows any events or class cancellations that might be happening.  You will also receive emails with the same information so please make sure you are subscribed to receive our emails! (This is especially important in the event of cancellations!)

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