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Gym Stars Skills Meets

The Gym Stars Skills Meets program introduces athletes to the world of competitive gymnastics in a fun and rewarding structure. Athletes in ALL Boys and Girls Recreational and Preschool Classes are encouraged to participate in these meets, that take place at 5 different gymnastics facilities in the area; Texas Star, Maximum-Woodlands, Discover Gymnastics, Rowland Ballard-Kingwood and K2 Academy.

These meets are conducted in a non-competitive format. The children receive a ribbon for each of the 4 events, based on their performance. 

The cost to participate is $35 per athlete for the first 5 meets and $45 for the final meet. This fee includes a practice meet during skills meet week! Fees are collected prior to each meet. There are Skills Meet leotards available for purchase in our pro shop for anyone who is interested.

Our Rising Stars, Mighty Stars and Recreational Elite class members are urged to attend these meets. Entry fees are included in the monthly tuition for these groups and Skills Meet attire is included in their membership fee.


Membership Fees:

Mighty Stars:  $70

Rising Stars and Rec Elite:  $100


Spectator Fees

$5 for adults and children 13 and older

$3 for senior citizens and kids 12 and under

2022-2023 Skills Meet Schedule

November 12,2022 at Texas Star     

December 10,2022 at Maximum-Woodlands

January 21,2023 at Discover Gymnastics  

February 25,2023 at Rowland Ballard Kingwood

March 25,2023 at K2 Academy   

April 22,2023 at Texas Star

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