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Homeschool Gymnastics

During the school year, we offer nine 4-week sessions. (We do NOT follow the calendar months)

You can join at any time during any session. 

2024-2025 Session dates are:

 Sep: Aug 25-Sep 25

 Oct: Sep 26-Oct 25

 Nov: Oct 26-Nov 25

 Dec: Nov 26-Dec 25

Jan: Jan 3-Jan 25

 Feb: Jan 26-Feb 25

 Mar: Feb 26-Mar 25

Apr: Mar 26-Apr 25

  May: Apr 26-May 20

              Recurring billing takes place on the 25th of each month for the following 4 weeks.

        Call for pricing and details!!

Our Homeschool Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes in length. These classes (for girls and boys in Kinder and up) are structured in 2- 20-minute and 1- 15 minute rotation in an effort to keep the kids moving and engaged.

Class starts with a quick warm up then they will move to their first event.  Here the instructor will focus on one or two basic skills in a circuit.  Within the circuits are stations designed to build strength in the core and other muscle groups conducive to performing gymnastics skills. This will also reduce the risk of injury.  We use circuits to keep the children moving, but will sometimes stop a child or the whole group when emphasis needs to be put on a specific skill or exercise. Each 55-minute class will work on 2 different events along with either trampoline or tumble track.

  • Trial Class- $28

  • Tuition: $98 per 4 weeks (1 class per week) 

  • Yearly Membership Fee- $50 (for 1st child), $45 (for 2nd child)

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