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Parkour/Super Hero

Parkour (8+ years) and Super Hero (5-8 years) classes are great classes for those  who want to be active and learn tricks without the rigidness of traditional gymnastics. These classes are designed to develop strength and endurance, and along with that, self-confidence.

Most could relate parkour to action scenes in movies where characters jump from building to building. Students have access to all areas of the gym, including our ninja course, and are encouraged to push their limits and try new things!

Our classes begin with basic moves then obstacle courses that are in line with local competitions' guidelines. The second half of class allows students to be creative and decide what they would like to work on and then we finish up with

strength and conditioning.

Super Hero/Ninja, Parkour, and Core Fitness are 55-minutes per week



If you're interested in fitness and being active, Texas Star is the place for you! We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels and a great coaching staff that love to see the kids progress as they

move through our program.

  • Trial Class- $25: 

  • Super Hero (5y-8y):  $90 per 4 weeks (1 class per week) 

  • Parkour (8y and up):  $90 per 4 weeks (1 class per week)

  • Yearly Membership Fee- $50 (for 1st child), $45 (for 2nd child)

During the school year, we offer nine 4-week sessions. (We do NOT follow the calendar months)

You can join at any time during any session. 

                                    2022-2023 Session dates are: 

 Sep: Aug 30-Sep 25

 Oct: Sep 27-Oct 23

 Nov: Oct 25-Nov 20

 Dec: Nov 22-Dec 18

Jan: Jan 3-Jan 29

 Feb: Jan 31-Feb 26

 Mar: Feb 28-Mar 26

Apr: Mar 28-Apr 23

  May: Apr 25-May 21

                    Recurring billing takes place on the 25th of each month for the following 4 weeks.

                                              Call for pricing and details!!

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