Preschool Gymnastics


If you're interested in gymnastics, Texas Star is the place for you! We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels and a great coaching staff that love to see the kids progress as they move through our program.

  • Trial Class- $22

  • Tuition:  $90 per 4 weeks ($80/card on file)

  • Yearly Registration Fee- $40 (for 1st child), $35(for 2nd child)

Registration Fees are charged every September or upon enrollment.

A re-registration fee of $15 is charged if you drop then return during the year.


During the school year, we offer nine 4-week sessions. (We do NOT follow the calendar months)

You can join at any time during any session. 

                                2020-2021 Session dates are:

                         Sept: Aug 31-Sep 26             Feb: Feb 1-Feb 27

                         Oct: Sep 28-Oct 24              Mar: Mar 1-Mar 27

                         Nov: Oct 26-Nov 21             Apr: Mar 29-Apr 24

                         Dec: Nov 23-Dec 19             May: Apr 26-May 22

                         Jan: Jan 4-Jan 30

              Recurring billing takes place on the 25th of each month for the following 4 weeks.

                                          Call for pricing and details!!



Preschool-Age classes will experience many areas of the gym and lots of equipment, including Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor,Trampoline and yes, our Famous PIT AREA!!  These classes are co-ed and are broken down into two age groups:

2-3 Years:

This class is designed for our 2/3 year old.  The kids will love learning basic gymnastics while they also work on listening,  following directions,  taking turns and how to move to the next station.  The children will start in circle time, stretching and warming up while singing songs and chatting with their instructor.  Then they will do 2 events each week, as well as trampoline/tumble track/pit.  Classes for this age group are 40 minutes long and the student:teacher ratio is 6:1.

4-5 Years:

This class is designed for 4/5 year old (not yet in Kindergarten).  The kids will love the flipping, turning and jumping as they discover gymnastics. The children will start in circle time, stretching and warming up while seeing songs and chatting with their instructor.  Then they will do 2 events each week, as well as trampoline/tumble track/pit. This class is 55 minutes long and can move a little quicker since this age group can process many commands. The student:teacher ratio is 7:1.

$90/4 weeks ($80 with card on file)   $40/yearly registration fee


Each preschool class begins with our warm-up, which includes a movement song and a visit from our spider friends!  When we take them out of our pockets, we learn all about directions (behind, in front of, in between, etc)!  While stretching, we learn positions like tuck, straddle, pike; sometimes we even make a pizza while we stretch!

Next, we will do 2 different events; beam, bars, vault, floor.  The children will learn basic skills on each event as well as mastering the art of following simple directions and waiting their turn!

Typically, the last 5-10 minutes of class is spent on trampoline or tumble track and our loose foam pit! Then it's stamps and a freeze-pop for everyone!



Gym Stars Skills Meet Program

The Gym Stars Skills Meets program introduces athletes to the world of competitive gymnastics in a fun and rewarding structure. Athletes in ALL Boys and Girls Recreational and Preschool Classes are encouraged to participate in these meets, that take place at 6 different gymnastics facilities in the area; Texas Star, Maximum-Woodlands, Discover Gymnastics, Rowland Ballard-Kingwood and K2 Academy.

These meets are conducted in a non-competitive format. The children receive a ribbon for each of the 4 events, based on their performance.

The cost to participate is $35 per athlete for the first 5 meets and $45 for the final meet. This fee includes a practice meet during skills meet week!  These fees are collected prior to each meet. There are Skills Meet leotards and t-shirts available for by special order for anyone who is interested.

Our Rising Stars, Mighty Stars and Recreational Elite class members are required to these meets. Entry fees are included in the monthly tuition for these groups. Skills meet attire is required.

Spectator Fees:

$5 for adults and children 13 and older

$3 for senior citizens and kids 12 and under

2020-2021 Skills Meet Schedule:

November 14,2020 at Texas Star       

December 12,2020 at Maximum-Woodlands

January 9,2021 at Discover Gymnastics  

February 27,2021 at Rowland Ballard Kingwood

March 27,2021 at K2 Academy   

April 17,2021 at Texas Star