2019 Texas Star Gymnastics

1230 Ulrich Rd.

Tomball, TX 77375


Our Staff

Nancy Gomez


Nancy founded Texas Star Gymnastics in 1996, building a new facility in 2000.  She was a college gymnast and has coached competitive levels 4-10 as well as Xcel and boys.  Nancy is a USAG Professional Member, Safety Certified, Meet Director Certified, is a USA Rated National Coach and has a Level 9 USA Judges Rating.

Nancy enjoys being in the gym, interacting with the kids and sharing her love of gymnastics and all the sport has to offer.

In her free time, Nancy enjoys cooking and traveling.

Mickey Brown

Front Office

Mickey comes to Texas Star with 4 years of gym ownership and management experience.  She also has an associates degree in business management.

Prior to working in the gymnastics industry, Mickey was a 3rd grade para-professional at a small private school in Massachusetts. 

In her free time, she enjoys working out and spending time with her family.

Mickey is a USAG Pro Member and is Safe Sport Certified.

Lila Walker

Girl's Team Head Coach

Recreational Coach

Lila was a gymnast until her career came to a close as a level 9 competitor.  She then moved to the coaching side of the sport where she has been involved with recreational and team gymnastics for over 5 years. Lila has a spunky personality and is a great role model, teaching the kids to work hard while having fun!  She is a USAG  Professional Member, Safety and Safe Sport Certified, and has taken numerous courses through USA Gymnastics.

Johnathan Cisneros

Boy's Team Head Coach

Johnathan was a competitive JO gymnast from the time he was 6 years old until he completed his gymnastics career as a Level 10.  After a brief hiatus from the sport, John returned in 2015 and is proving to be an excellent coach.  He has coached boys to the state, regional and national level.  John is committed to his gymnasts and is looking forward to a long career working with the boys to further their gymnastics as well as mentoring them in all aspects of their lives.

Johnathan is a USA Gymnastics Professional Member, Safety-Certified and Safe Sport Certified. He has met all criteria for USAG members to be on the floor at sanctioned events through the national level.

Marian Evermon


Marian is a graduate of Tomball High School and is currently taking classes at Lone Star College in preparation to transfer into a Paramedic Program.  She enjoys working with children, helping them become the best they can be and encouraging them to be active and healthy. When she’s not in the gym, Marian enjoys playing sports  and is an active member of her church.

Marian is a USAG member and is Safe Sport Certified.

Peter Brown

Boy's Compulsory Coach

Peter came into the sport of gymnastics while his children were involved in the sport in Massachusetts. He began as a parent coach and quickly grew passionate about the sport. He opened a gymnastics facility in Massachusetts before moving to Texas in 2014 to further his son’s gymnastics career.  Peter has the desire to work with the compulsory levels so he can develop not only skill but also work ethic, confidence and the ability for the boys to learn to handle adversity at a young age in a safe environment.  He is a USA Gymnastics Professional Member, Safety and Safe Sport Certified.

Nicole Brown


Nicole is a college student with 7 years coaching experience. She has also worked in the daycare field, assisting special needs children with daily tasks and integrating them with their classmates.  She  has extensive dance experience, as she was a recreational and competitive dancer for 15 years.

Nicole loves to help kids reach their fullest potential while also helping them realize the importance of respect, hard work and confidence. 

Nicole is a USAG member and is Safe Sport certified.

Cassie Daar

Girl's Compulsory Team Coach

Recreational Coach

Cassie has been associated with Texas Star for many years as both an athlete and a coach. She was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and has coached in our preschool, recreational and compulsory team levels. Cassie is currently a student at Lone Star College pursuing a degree in education. She loved working with children and watching their confidence and love of gymnastics grow!

Cassie is a USAG member and is Safe Sport Certified.

Jim Culhane

Core Fitness & Boy's Coach

Jim’s accomplishments range from collegiate accolades to the Pan American Games, including a trip to Munich, Germany to represent the United States in the 1972 Olympics. Coach Jim was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame on August 19, 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jim enjoys working out, sky diving and helping kids reach their full physical potential. We are very proud to have him as a part of our gym family.

Jim is a USAG Pro Member and is Safety and Safe Sport Certified.


Holly Crabtree

Aerial Silks & Lyra Coach

Holly is a fitness enthusiast who started her journey over 10 years ago with a focus in martial arts. After a few years, she realized her real passion was teaching group fitness and since then, has added Aerial Arts to her repertoire.

Holly believes that the  accountability, motivation, and challenge that comes with working out as a group is what makes group fitness amazing.

Holly is a USAG Member and is Safe Sport Certified.

Felicia McIntyre


Felicia is a mother of 2 who has a passion for the sport of gymnastics!  She was a competitive gymnast in her earlier years and has found her way back to the gym; inspired to make a difference for the children through gymnastics.  She is also a college student, studying graphic design.

Felicia is a USAG Member and is Safe Sport Certified.

John Bernhardt


John is a college student who has developed a love for the gym while participating in our Parkour classes.  He displays this passion during his coaching. John really enjoys working with the kids and loves teaching them new things. He is a great asset to our program!

John is Safe Sport Certified.